Guest Speaking


Lively and engaging presentations on a variety of food & nutrition topics, in your location.

Topics include:

Transformation Thru Food

Joan’s Keynote speech features very cool stuff about food and sugar that most people don’t know. Find out why everything you’ve heard about sugar cravings is wrong, and how sugar affects appetite, health, autism and more.

Eating for Max Performance

No one puts more fun in the Food / Brain Chemistry connection than Joan! Max performance means optimal health, fitness, energy, productivity, moods & sleep. Discover how to make all of that happen – and feel great – in this enjoyable and empowering talk.

Your Motivation Mindset

This uplifting presentation challenges prevailing views of motivation, generates enthusiasm, and outlines a plan for coaching yourself to a healthier life.

NOTE: Additional topics available.

A Few Highlights

  • #1 International Best-Selling author, Stronger Than Sugar
  • Presenter/teacher for over 2 decades
  • International webinar presenter for Krankcycle® master trainers
  • Circle of Scholars doctoral nominee
  • Designer of Microsoft obesity-control program
  • Designer of nutrition protocol for veterans with PTSD and mood disorders
  • Published in Journal of Chiropractic Education & Journal of the American College of Nutrition

What People Are Saying


Joan Kent is an outstanding presenter. She is dynamic and engaging, articulates clearly, is accessible for questions, and can speak to audiences with a wide range of education and experience. Joan is one of our most often-requested presenters.


Dr. Kent’s ability to relate warmly to people and deliver clear, well-paced lectures on complex topics is underscored by the fact that she was twice selected as “Teacher of the Quarter.”


Dr. Joan Kent is an inspirational and gifted presenter – considerate, professional, dedicated, and committed to sharing her knowledge. Her background and industry experience enable her to present to all people.


Joan thoroughly enjoys presenting. Her background and experience make her very effective.


You are a wonderful teacher. Your enthusiasm is contagious.


Your “winging it” when needed was spectacular. You changed several lives. They got a taste of the unique approach to nutrition that you deliver so brilliantly.


Dr. Kent, I must say: You are The Bomb!!! You are an effective, engaging and powerful deliverer of information.