Avoid the “Running Out of Foods” Trap by Joan Kent, PhD

Posted on January 8, 2018 in Blog

Avoid the “Running Out of Foods” Trap     by Joan Kent, PhD

Avoid the “Running Out of Foods” Trap
by Joan Kent, PhD

Several of my clients have run into the mid-week problem of running out of foods they need to stay on their food addiction recovery program and prevent relapsing.

This is bad news when it becomes a reason to eat whatever’s in the kitchen, whether it’s part of the program or not. (It usually isn’t.)

Simple Fixes to Avoid the Trap

Avoiding this trap is easy with a little advance planning.

• When you shop for the week, take a list that includes those critical items so you’ll remember to buy enough. Maybe take the same list each week and modify as needed?

• Keep an Emergency Stash of critical items in your kitchen. Examples include protein powder if you run low on protein. At least it’s real protein, not fake like nuts or quinoa.

• Another example is keeping frozen vegetables on hand. No fresh veggies? Just nuke some frozen broccoli. Fresh is ideal, but not having any vegetables for several days is best avoided.

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