Bio – Joan Kent, Ph.D.

Dr. Joan Kent

Joan Kent is an ACE-Certified Health Consultant, with a Ph.D. in Psychoactive Nutrition (foods and brain chemistry) and a Master’s degree in exercise physiology. She specializes in sugar addiction, binge eating disorder, and metabolic syndrome – comprising diabetes, insulin resistance, hypertension, heart disease, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, PCOS, and breast cancer.  Joan offers nutrition support for mood issues and inflammatory conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, MS and CIDP.

What I Do

My field is psychoactive nutrition.  I use foods to change brain chemistry and hormones and help clients finally get results.  This unique approach has helped to resolve resistant health issues for many. It also removes the mystery surrounding troublesome eating behaviors. Clients finally understand what’s been happening to them and why – and learn how to change.

Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “Confidence in the body is confidence in the self.” Because the psychoactive approach can increase confidence in the body and improve quality of life, this quotation has become my professional mission. To help a client feel better, get in touch with her/his body, and maintain that state is true empowerment.

People who struggle with food and health for many years lose trust in the body.  My unique perspective allows me to help clients restore their health and normal eating patterns, as well as trust and confidence in the body and the self.