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August 23, 2015 |

Focus Turns Exercise Into Mind/Body Training by Joan Kent, PhD

Focus Turns Exercise Into Mind/Body Training By Joan Kent, PhD Which activities count as mind/body training? Yoga and t’ai chi come to mind. Weight lifting? Why or why not? Some would submit that almost any activity could be a mind/body workout, depending on how it’s approached. Some time ago, my coach and I co-wrote a 2-part post called “The Tao of Training.” It outlined the differences between exercise and training – and suggested that the primary distinguishing element of training is consciousness. From that to mind/body training is a short leap, since bringing consciousness to any workout would most likely make it a mind/body activity. Do You Dissociate When You Work Out? It’s almost...

August 17, 2015 |

Sugar/Fat Seesaw or Sugar/Fat Toboggan? by Joan Kent, PhD

Sugar/Fat Seesaw or Sugar/Fat Toboggan? By Joan Kent, PhD In a previous post, I’ve written about the sugar/fat seesaw. That really is a thing. As one decreases in the diet, the other tends to increase. But it’s obvious that the two can increase together. Also, sugar can increase fat in someone’s diet in several ways (and not always the best fats). This post covers a few of those ways. First, Sugar Can Change Your Food Preferences My nutrition clients who dislike vegetables almost always eat a lot of sugar. The connection here is pretty straightforward: people who are accustomed to the taste of sweet don’t enjoy foods that lack that taste. And vegetables certainly...

August 10, 2015 |

Sugar Zen: Putting a Space Around Sugar by Joan Kent, PhD

Sugar Zen: Putting a Space Around Sugar By Joan Kent, PhD In the process of emptying files and file drawers recently, I unearthed several articles I’d written – and several that I’d read – quite a few years ago. The idea for this post was prompted by the thoughts triggered by the combination of those old articles. For what it’s worth, none of the articles was about sugar! How About Clean Plates and Other Myths? During the office-clearing project, I found an article I had written about a book by Hirschman and Munter. They advocate 3 rules for approaching food whenever you feel like eating. Rule 1: Ask yourself if you’re hungry. The purpose...

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